The Blind Dad Diaries.

The Blind Dad Diaries cover art, featuring BSB logo top right, an image of a book bottom right and a microphone next to Martin and Nathans names

The BSB Team are proud to launch our pilot podcast episode of The Blind Dad Diaries featuring Martin Ralfe and Nathan Edge.

Two blind men, Martin & Nathan. both share their journey together as Nathan steps into the realm of fatherhood with his first child. Whilst Martin is expecting his second child, which we are expecting to have a visual impairment of his own. Everything from blind puns to embarrassing stories. We have got it all.

You can listen to our Pilot launch podcast now! direct from our website.

S1E8 – Baby Leo cataracts removal and Glasses The Blind Dad Diaries

Episode Log We are catching up… this is episode 8 where Martin discusses Leos's cataracts and his procedure and an update about Baby Oliver having a tongue tie snipped. a really nice all-round positive podcast. Enjoy Support The Blind Dad Diaries by contributing to their Tip Jar: https://tips.pinecast.com/jar/the-blind-dad-diaries This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
  1. S1E8 – Baby Leo cataracts removal and Glasses
  2. S1E7 – Baby Oliver Edge arrives and Leo Ralfe update
  3. S1E6 – Talking baby Leo arriving home, our product of the podcast and more
  4. S1E5 – Consent, Epidural and ophthalmology
  5. S1E4 – Baby Leo arrives safely… not without some trouble though

We have submitted our podcast to all of your favorite podcast apps and services so you will be able to listen to it anywhere, very soon. If you prefer you can also use the podcast RSS feed in your chosen app or service which is: https://pinecast.com/feed/the-blind-dad-diaries

Any comments or feedback let us know. Team@BlindSinceBirth.com