User research

BSB Know that people with a visual impairment, be they young or not, just starting their sight loss journey or have a congenital condition. We have lots of lived experiences which we can share and talk about and share with organisations, companies, product designers, user experience consultants and researchers.

Blind Since Birth UK has a unique working relationship with Strategy Analytics a user research company based in the states working with some big players in the technology, travel, and digital industries. We are also seeking to work with other user expeirence researchers.

This work allows us to put people with sight loss intouch with companies that want to our views and expeirence.

We have already helped to deliver a few reports and interviews, ensuring people that have a visual impairment can be listened to.

are you interested in registering on our database?

Registering on our database means, we share some characteristics about you to our third-party partners such as Strategy Analytics, who will then contact you for a user interview if you match the criteira for a specific user research report.

Normally you will be reimbursed for your time by the third party and this may be in a voucher form or a pre-paid card.

Please email with:

  • Name
  • Country
  • telephone number
  • Age range i.e. 21-26
  • Level of sight loss
  • sight loss condition
  • how long have you had a visual impairment
  • How much you use technology
  • expeirence of travelling independently
  • expeirence with cooking
  • And any other info you feel that would help us.
  • Please note, the frequency in which these interview opportunities come up is not defined and you may wait some time before you are approached for an interview.

    You can request to have your details removed at any time.

    Please note, we are working on creating a form to improve the efficency of this service.